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Disaster Resource Network (DRN)

In times of emergency the Disaster Resource Network (DRN) volunteers are available to respond. Volunteers receive American Red Cross training, work in a network throughout the year to stay current on issues and training and have an organized network so responders are called for specific duties. The DRN committee was active during the 9/11 tragedy, psychologists were on hand for the first-responders, volunteers and those injured. They also responded to the needs of the communities in New York related to the Haiti Tsunami and to the local disaster with Hurricane Irene. This network is vital in these emergent times. If you would like to volunteer for this network send an email to indicating your desire to participate.

Statement on Bias Incidents

NYSPA’s Disaster Resource Network values the inherent civil rights and worth of each individual and fosters resilient coping skills and healing within and across all groups and communities. DRN members condemn discrimination, bias and hate crimes.

Bias Crimes Awareness

DRN members are becoming more alert to instances of bias, hate crimes and the targeting of individuals, groups, religious communities and other organizations across New York State and throughout the U.S. In New York City alone, the incidence of bias crimes recorded in the first couple of months of 2017 was double that recorded during the same period last year. Stress and anxiety are generated in vulnerable groups by reports of racial, religious, gender, ethnic, sexist and heterosexist bias and attacks.

The DRN BELIEVES WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: How psychologists can help.

In a democracy, an attack on any one of us, any group, or any community is an attack on all of us. Psychologically, it permeates the fabric of society.

NYSPA’s DRN is a community of psychologists dedicated to providing supportive, humanitarian, educational, and clinical interventions in the wake of human-made and natural disasters and trauma. These events can have devastating and long-lasting impact on the emotional well-being and stability of individuals and society.

DRN members are a community of expertly trained psychologists who collaborate with one another and are willing to share their expertise, skills, and time with our members, other professionals, and the public. We are here to offer our support to help communities cope with the emotional aftermath of and impact of living with life-altering events.

DRN’s disaster and trauma experts have a tradition of fostering psychological support for all New Yorker’s and are happy to offer psychological support to communities rocked by disaster, fear and terrorism. DRN Members can meet with community members, give talks, share techniques for promoting resilience and coping, provide approaches to talking with children about fear and trauma, develop ways communities can build bridges, and encourage reaching out to others.

You can help. Join DRN! NYSPA’s DRN membership application may be found on the New York State Psychological Association web page at

DRN Building Bridges Committee

Sharon Brennan, PhD | Chair, NYSPA's DRN

Patricia Dowds, PhD | NYSPA President

Roy Aranda, PsyD, JD | NYSPA Past-President

Matt Fried, PhD

Paul Greene, PhD

Hannah Hahn, PhD

Patricia O'Gorman, PhD

Bonnee Price-Linden, PhD

Evelyn Rappoport, PsyD