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NYSPA Launches 2018 with Dr. Patricia C. Dowds as President

December 29, 2017

NYSPA Launches 2018 with Dr. Patricia C. Dowds as President


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NYSPA Launches 2018 with Dr. Patricia C. Dowds as President

Albany, N.Y., Dec. 29, 2017 – Dr. Patricia C. Dowds will serve as President of the New York State Psychological Association for 2018.

Duly elected by the NYSPA membership Dr. Dowds brings to the position a career of 35+ years as a New York state psychologist working with families and agencies, supporting and encouraging them to identify their personal and organizational goals.

“Our charge at NYSPA is to speak for all of our members and represent the needs of our patients and organizations,” says Dr. Dowds. “I look forward to strengthening our Regions, Divisions and Committees, as well as increasing membership and enhancing our programs, conferences and other activities.”

Dr. Dowds is a Clinical Psychologist and Co-Director of Family Therapy Institute of Suffolk. She is the past Executive Director of the Minuchin Center for the Family, in New York City. Through these two agencies she has worked on developing programs to keep children out of the court system and to reduce conflict in divorce. She also is a consultant to Suffolk County Department of Health, visiting faculty at Nassau University Medical Center and at SUNY at Stony Brook where she teaches working therapists, graduate students, medical students, and medical residents on family systems.

She has co-authored many articles and a chapter on Case Management in Family Therapy Review (Lawrence Erlbaum 2005). She is a national trainer and workshop leader on family therapy and family treatment issues. She has certificates in Substance Abuse Treatment, Family Therapy, Family Therapy Supervision and Divorce Mediation.

For the past five years Dr. Dowds has become very active in state leadership. She has served as President of the Clinical Division of the New York State Psychological Association. She has held several other leadership positions, as well as being awarded the NYS Beacon Award, which recognizes a psychologist whose leadership and/or advocacy activities has established a guiding light for the profession of psychology.

 With years of experience and credibility in the profession of psychology, NYSPA is dedicated to producing a valued, measurable impact in the state of New York and the nation. The mission of the New York State Psychological Association is to advance the science and practice of psychology as means of promoting human welfare.  NYSPA is affiliated with the American Psychological Association.

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